Mt Zion from Succat Hallal

Although we’ve visited many of the world’s beautiful cities, especially the European capitals, we always say that Jerusalem is our favorite city. It has an allure to us that no other city has (Moline, Illinois and Freetown, Sierra Leone are close), so we love to come here. Last time we visited Israel (we think it was 2005), we didn’t even come to Jerusalem, so we were excited when we were sitting in the Global Prayer Room at International House of Prayer (IHOP) in Kansas City in late February, and we realized, “We get to go to Jerusalem again.”

We’re blessed that we have contacts among Israelis, Palestinians, and Bedouins, and we were eager to see them again and to make new connections, but our main purpose in coming was to spend time at Succat Hallel. Succat Hallel (Hebrew for “tabernacle of praise”) is a 24/7 house of prayer. People have come together from many nations to pray for the peace of Jerusalem and for God’s plan for Israel and the nations.

Our experiences so far have exceeded our expectations. Three hours at Succat Hallal goes quickly. The worship is wonderful, and we’ve already learned a lot from the prophetic insights and experiences of the people who lead the watches. As our time here goes on, we’ll share some of the pieces that we’re fitting together. Our overall impression of the people here is a deep passion for intimate fellowship with God and radical commitment to obey Him and participate in His plan. We’re so thankful to be here.

The main thrust right now is the Elav Conference in Tel Aviv from July 3 -5. Young people from all over the land will come together at Hangar 11, the largest rock concert venue in Tel Aviv. Messianic Jews and Arab Christians will praise God together and witness to unbelievers. There is tremendous expectation about the things God is going to do through Elav, and it’s an enormous faith venture.